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Orders from Japan
Orders from Japan
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How to order :
  • By email:
  • By phone: 00 49 / 2593-958713
  • By fax: 00 49 / 2593-958715
  • By mail : Bonsai-Zentrum Münsterland GmbH, Raiffeisenstraße 22, D-59387 Ascheberg, Germany

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Information about ordering of ceramics in Japan
How does it work?
Minimum order
Frequently askes questions:
Why pre-order?
What if my order is not available?
What if an order is damaged on transport?
What products can I buy directly, without a reservation?

How does it work?

You can order the complete ceramics range from the catalog or via the website. Several times a year we will summarize all the orders and forward them to the pottery in Japan.

After arrival of the items - which may take several months - we will ship your item directly to your address. If you pick up the order with us in Ascheberg, you even get a pick-up discount. For details, see "terms".

The prices displayed in the catalog and on the web site, are "all-inclusive". Shipping (for costumers within Germany), customs, VAT and transport is already included.

Minimum order


Since the shipping, packaging and all other costs are included in the price, we have a minimum order of 65 euros.

If you stay below the minimum order, you can still order. However, in this case, we will charge regular shipping costs.

Frequently asked questions:

Why pre-order?

The possibility of pre-order offers the full range of the original Japanese catalog. Thus, you can choose from hundreds of ceramics which we cannot hold on stock.
What if my order is not available?  
If you order should not be available, we will inform you right after we have received news from Japan. You will then have the possibility to change or cancel your order. Any down payment money will of course be returned.
What if an order is damaged on transport?  

Despite careful packing, transport damages can never be avoided entirely,. Your order is 100% insured and if any damage should occur, you won't pay a cent for the bowl. If we get to find a suitable replacement that meets your needs, possible deposits will immediately be transferred back.

What dishes can I buy directly, without a reservation?  

We have in our shop under the category "Pottery in stock" a selection of products, which we carry in stock.

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